Stillwater Laboratories Inc. is an independent analytical laboratory located in Olney Montana, providing cannabis analysis under Montana Code Annotated (MCA) 50.46.301 et seq (Medical Marijuana Act).  We provide accurate and reliable analytical services at a fair and sustainable cost, using validated methods and state-of-the art equipment to provide you with fast, accurate, and reproducible results.

Our test methods include analysis of cannabis flower, trim, edibles, and extracts for potency, terpenes, moisture, residual solvents (extracts), pesticides, microbial contamination, and mycotoxins to ensure safety and confidence in your product.

Stillwater Labs is 100% locally-owned and operated by Montana residents.

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License to Operate | April 5, 2018

Stillwater Labs is honored to announce receipt of license L-00001 (the first in the state!) from Montana’s Department of Public Health and Human Services on April 2nd, 2018. We are…
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Stillwater Labs uses Shimadzu analytical instruments that are maintained through Shimadzu’s Montana field office. The Shimadzu line of test equipment is at the forefront of cannabis testing and has been used and validated in all other medical marijuana states in the US. Shimadzu’s instruments are a great balance of high-end function, ease of use, robustness, and cost of operation that allow Stillwater Labs to offer competitively priced analyses, on time.
Stillwater Labs has a newly commissioned LC-2030C high performance liquid chromatograph for potency testing, a GCMS-QP2020 gas chromatograph with a quadrupole mass spectrometer and HS20 headspace autosampler for terpene, solvent, and pesticide analysis, and MOC63U moisture balances to measure water content.
Our equipment is installed in a dedicated access-hardened climate-controlled room to ensure consistency and security of your product and analytical data.
As a requirement for ISO accreditation, Stillwater Labs references ISO 17025 accredited labs for cross-checking our analyses and for peer-to-peer consulting.

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